Dementia Training

Online Dementia Training For Care Home Workers

'Learn Dementia' is an online video training course designed to teach care home workers about the causes and effects of dementia, as well as strategies to help them provide person-centred dementia care.

Our course covers 19 key dementia care topics, with each topic presented by a bite sized training video and supported by a range of downloadable PDFs and FAQS if the learner requires extra information.

After completing the course chronologically, learners can revisit the video chapters and additional training material as often as required to reinforce learning. The online nature means new staff can be trained on day 1 of starting work and not have to wait for annual training days.

Care Home managers can, through the built in interrogation tool, monitor and review their learners' progress on the course to see what stage each of their team has reached on the course.

'Learn Dementia' provides high quality, engaging training from leading NHS dementia experts, who have many years experience in training care and support workers.

All subscriptions expire 12 months after purchase, but can be renewed at any time before they expire with a 50% discount off the year 1 subscription fee. View Pricing

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